Yes it's here. The long awaited missing promotion for Magento. The worlds most successful promotional strategy is now available in the Magento platform. Buy One Get One Free.

Buy X for Y promotion

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Extension adds a new shopping cart promotion rule for "Buy X For Y". Example: 2 for £6, 3 for £10 etc.

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Buy X for Y promotion - Magento Extensions

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Introducing one of the UK’s most successful high street promotional concepts. Now within Magento, you configure the new Buy X For Y Extension to choose a fix price sale amount for any number of products. This classic promotion tool is seen in major high street stores and is a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers. Typical uses are '2 for £6', '3 for £10' and so on. Completely integrated into Magento existing shopping cart promotions so will work with any range of products and any currency. Using all of the existing Magento conditions and actions you can now use this module to easily configure your "Buy X For Y" rules.


Compatibility Community 1.5, Community 1.6, Community 1.7, Community 1.8, Community 1.9, Enterprise 1.11, Enterprise 1.12, Enterprise 1.13, Enterprise 1.14